How to Disable startup app in windows ?

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If you are windows users then you had faced sometimes or many time the lag or slow processing of your Device, let me tell you that by Disabling StartUp Application you can enhance your Laptop/PC Speed because theses are the Application which is kept running in Background and using the Laptop/Desktop Resources like RAM, Network etc So, by disabling the Background Application you are increasing Laptop performance and also your boot time is reduced means your device will take less time to open than previous.

You can disable the application which start on your system start up

Here are the steps which you can follow

  1. Just go to search bar and search the “settings” or directly search the “startup apps”, if you have open the settings then follow the other steps.
  2. In Setting you will see the apps options select and on the left hand corner you will see the Startup option select it.
  3. You can disable the application for the startup, Once disable it will only work when you open the application.

There are many other ways as well, this is also one way. Thanks for the reading, Hope you guys find it interesting.

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